Dr. Laluck's Handouts

September 2019

Adult Acute Scrotal Edema - When Radiologists Can Help to Avoid Unnecessary Surgical Treatment

Abdominal wall haematoma in the obese: a dangerous phenomenon

Understanding patterns of brain metastasis in breast cancer and designing rational therapeutic strategies

Targeted Therapies for Renal Cell Carcinoma: Review of Adverse Event Management Strategies

Immune-checkpoint inhibitor-induced diarrhea and colitis in patients with advanced malignancies: retrospective review at MD Anderson

Management of Adult Minimal Change Disease

Diagnosis and Management of Nephrotic Syndrome in Adults

What can be expected with end-stage multiple sclerosis?

Diagnosing Stroke in Acute Dizziness and Vertigo

Acute vertigo - Clinical Practice

Focal Peripheral Neuropathies

Chronic subdural haematoma in the elderly

Clinical Appearance of Oral Candida Infection and Therapeutic Strategies

Hemoptysis: Diagnosis and Management

Managing Influenza in Patients With Preexisting Respiratory Conditions

Coma and the Dying Days

Medical Care of the Patient With Compensated Cirrhosis

Featured Review: Vertebroplasty for treating spinal fractures due to osteoporosis

Guidelines for the investigation of chronic diarrhoea in adults: British Society of Gastroenterology, 3rd edition