Dr. Laluck's Handouts

June 2020

Tracheostomy Weaning

Diagnostic Evaluation of Mononucleosis-Like Illnesses

Epidemiology of and risk factors for iliopsoas abscess in a large community-based study

Functional decline in old age

Hypoglycemia and risk of seizures: A retrospective cross-sectional study

Colorectal Emergencies and Related Complications: A Comprehensive Imaging Review—Imaging of Colitis and Complications


Late Presentation of an Iatrogenic Pseudoaneurysm of the Profunda Femoris Artery following Intramedullary Nailing

Psychogenic polydipsia and hyponatremia – A side effect of psychosis: a review with a case report

Diagnosis and treatment of sciatica

Approach to pancytopenia: Diagnostic algorithm for clinical hematologists

Ultrasound of the prostate

Delusions of parasitosis: a brief review of the literature and pathway for diagnosis and treatment

Spontaneous bilateral carpopedal spasm in a bulimic patient

The relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and obesity hypoventilation syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Presenting symptoms in inflammatory bowel disease: descriptive analysis of a community-based inception cohort

Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease

Chest injury due to blunt trauma