Dr. Laluck's Handouts

May 2023

Lung Cancer and Pulmonary Embolism: What Is the Relationship? A Review

Heart Failure Medications

Clinical features of acute focal bacterial nephritis in adults

Precipitants of hyperglycemia

Serratia Bacteremia: A Review of 44 Episodes

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infection: 2009 Update by the Infectious Diseases Society of Americaa

Assessment of Clinical Conditions Associated With Splenic Infarction in Adult Patients

Workup of Possible Lymphoma: The Basics

Choledocholithiasis: Evaluation, Treatment, and Outcomes

Long-term Outcomes of Symptomatic Gallbladder Sludge

Systematic review of loperamide: No proof of antibiotics being superior to loperamide in treatment of mild/moderate travellers' diarrhoea

Age-related diseases of inflammation in myelodysplastic syndrome and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia

Impact of Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation on Long Term Survival

Endophthalmitis: A review of recent trends

Pacemaker Indications

Approach To A Patient With Elevated Serum Alkaline Phosphatase

Serratia Bacteremia: A Review of 44 Episodes

Differences Between Hodgkin & Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Understanding Lymphoproliferative Disorders: Types, Treatment, and More

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome: mechanisms, manifestations, and management

Overview of Castleman disease

Caustic ingestion management: world society of emergency surgery preliminary survey of expert opinion

Approach to hypercapneic respiratory failure

Dysphagia, dystussia, and aspiration pneumonia in elderly people

Precipitating factors leading to decompensation of chronic heart failure in the elderly patient in South-American community hospital

The Management of Brain Metastases in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Approach to Gram Positive Bacteria

ABC of clinical electrocardiography: Atrial arrhythmias

ABC of clinical electrocardiography. Junctional tachycardias